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Our uprights are manufactured with a rolling mill and automatic welding spots on the same line. We use first quality steel with 2-millimetre thickness and high strength, certified by our supplier. Profiles are designed with a high number of bends to increase strength. Bends are positioned symmetrically around two axes allowing for different positions on walls as well as gondolas. Slots for brackets are automatically punched every 40 millimetre, optimizing the vertical space. A leveller is inserted under the base of the upright to flatten the upright in height up to 3 centimetres. Montante
Bases are made of first quality steel with 1.2-millimetre thickness. Bases are fixed to the uprights with bolts and nuts that avoid any loosening. Thus, they secure a perfect stability of the shelving structure.
We use the same system of levelling for both bases and uprights.
The base holds a base shelf on its top and a kicker panel on its front to ensure the stability of the shelving system.
Back panels are made of first quality steel with 0.6-millimetre thickness. Manufactured with automatic rolling and bended with certain dimensions, our back panels have special fastenings which guarantee fixed and constant dimensions. Two heights are available: 240 and 440 mm.
Back panels are attached to the uprights to offer a great stability of the whole shelving system.
Moreover, we offer a perforated version of 1 mm. to fix different items on the back panel. Back panels insert from the ground level. Back panels are available with plasticized or painted finishes.
Slat panels are made of first quality steel with 0.8-millimetre thickness and 120-millimetre height. Slat panels are attached to the uprights like back panels. Slat panels also attach to each other, forming a solid and strong system. Their special horizontal slot allows inserting different exhibition accessories. Slat panels are available with plasticized or painted steel. Fondo Lamas

Brackets are made of first quality steel with 2.5-millimetre thickness. Our exceptional steel is certified to support high loads. Each model has different combinations with various slopes.
Depending on the load, brackets are available with 2, 3, or 4 notches.


Modular shelf planks are manufactured automatically from 0.8-millimetre steel. There are two measures of 150 and 200 mm. that assemble to offer different depths.
Our modular shelf planks are specially designed to ease the storage of products. They come in plasticized and painted steel.

Estante Modular

Price rails are made of PVC. They are easily inserted with a soft pressure in front of the shelves.
The front of the price rail has a transparent flange for the visibility of the labels.
Kicker panel
Kicker panels are made of first quality steel and painted in any standard colour that offers a customized design for the shelving system. They may attach to the upright over a normal back panel, on the ground between the bases or in front of a canopy. Kicker panel attachments for the three versions are extremely simple allowing the easy removal of the kicker panels and access to the interior underneath the base.

Canopies are modular assemblies with two special brackets of 450 and 650 mm. connected to each other with a kicker panel, a back panel (240 or 400 mm.) and a socket.
Canopies might also be used as top shelves to store items or exhibit products with the addition of a whole top canopy.

Los copetes son totalmente modulares y se componen de un par de brazos especiales (de 450 y 650 mm.) conectados uno con otro por un panel frontal (zócalo), con un fondo (240 o 440 mm.) y portalámparas.

También se pueden utilizar como un estante superior, para colocar material a modo de almacenaje o exposición con solo añadir un techo copete completo.


Storage drawers slide on the ground with a wheel system through a limited space inside the base shelf, the ground, and both bases.

We manufacture drawers for bases with 240-millimetre height.

Caem Ibérica Manufacturing offers a wide variety of colours based on a RAL standard colour chart.
As our painting raw material, we use epoxy-polyester powder of the best quality that meets all European security norms.
Our paint is high-temperature proof and non-inflammable, covered with a gleaming layer of 90-100 micrometers.
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M. CAEM IBERICA - Modular system of store
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